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About Us

Welcome parents! We feel greatly honored by your visit to our website.

The Little Birds Day Care Center LLC is a Child Care Center located at 490 Linwood Street, Brooklyn, New York. We are a privately-owned child care provider, state-licensed and approved, DOHMH-approved, and recognized in the business. We also have a DOE approval contract program.

We believe that the youth play an important role in our future. So we see to it to make the present foundation better for them also. With is, we strengthen our service through having a firm hold at our philosophy:

  • To let the child experience the fullness of childhood
  • To accompany the child in small and huge accomplishments
  • Guide him/her in making decisions to be responsible
  • Respect a child’s dignity and moral nature
  • Create a stimulating environment that spells both Love and Learning
  • Immerse children in an environment of fun and discovery
  • Promote the development of the child mentally, morally, spiritually, physically, and socially in our every effort.

Our wonderful staff carries out service, guided by these philosophies. They offer genuine care and compassion. They are enthusiastic about every child’s unique destiny to be great in his/her own way. More than that, they are experienced in child care, trained and background-checked.

Be part of the Little Birds Day Care Center LLC family today.

    490 Linwood Street Brooklyn, NY 11208
    Phone: 718-781-1073 718-647-8095 Fax: 800-507-8773